Highlights of our care of you and your baby

Highlights of your pregnancy management with us include:Copy of OE logo2

  • Care

Professional, personalised and friendly care. Our goal is not only for your pregnancy to have a successful outcome, but also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We endeavour to provide the best quality professional care in a warm and friendly environment. I use the three words ‘information, communication and relationship’ that helps summarise our approach to your care.

  • Experience

I have managed over 10,000 pregnancies. I am an extremely experienced and highly skilled obstetrician.

Patients so often comment about how calm and confident I am, including during the unexpected crises that can happen in pregnancy and with childbirth. Because they know I am is not stressed, they comment they can relax.

I advise a new patient that they should endeavour to relax in their pregnancy and trust in my very considerable experience, my judgement, my careful management and in my caring nature, knowing I have their and their baby’s well being as my chief focus. I will always endeavour to communicate caringly and appropriately so you, as my patient, understand what is happening and are involved as much as possible in options of management and in decision making.

  • Childbirth

We want to know, understand and accommodate your personal childbirth requests. 

Having a baby is one of the most important times of your life. Being very conscious of this, we want to support you at this special time in such a way that not only do we celebrate with you the birth of your new baby but also at the end you tell us how pleased you have been with our care. Then we know we have done a good job.

We want to personalise your care to help you achieve a successful outcome to your pregnancy. You may want to adopt a particular position for labour and childbirth, you may want a normal vaginal delivery without stitches, you may want an elective Caesarean section, you may want to an attempt at a VBAC. You may not want an epidural in labour or you may want a labour without pain and so an epidural. You may have other delivery preferences. I want you to discuss with me your plans and expectations, your thoughts, your requests, your concerns and your fears about childbirth so I can endeavour to tailor your pregnancy and childbirth management and endeavour to give you the childbirth experience you hope for.

I will try to avoid doing an episiotomy. I endeavour for my patients to have an intact perineum, and often achieve this.  Failing this I consider a perineal tear usually is more comfortable and heals better than an episiotomy. But if it looks like it will be a large tear or if a forceps delivery is needed then I will do an episiotomy.

If an operative vaginal delivery is needed I endeavour to do this with the vacuum suction cap rather than using forceps as there is usually less patient trauma with the vacuum suction cap and often the patient has an intact perineum. With Caesarean sections I am very careful and fussy with closure and close the uterus in three layers and I close all abdominal layers. It takes a few minutes longer but I believe it is worth it as it results in less postoperative discomfort and better long-term healing.

  • Antenatal visits
    • FREE 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning of your baby at babyevery antenatal visit. Images are also projected onto a large flat screen TV monitor in the examination room located on the wall at the end of the examination couch for convenient viewing by you and your family/friends attending. There is no out of pocket charge to you for our ultrasound scanning of you baby.
    • FREE USB flash drive. We give you a personalised USB at your first visit so you collect a personal album of photos of your baby’s growth during pregnancy.
    • Saturday morning antenatal appointments so you and your husband/partner can more easily attend together.
    • I do all patient consultations myself. I am keen to build a good relationship with you and this is facilitated by having only one-on-one consultations.
    • Minimal waiting time for visits. Your time is important and there is nothing worse than having to wait a long time in doctor’s waiting room. To avoid this, if I am called away (usually to the hospital for a delivery) and my secretary knows I won’t be there when you are due to be seen she will phone you and ask you to reschedule your appointment so you don’t have to wait in my waiting room for me to return.
    • FREE “meet and greet” consultation (no fee and no referral needed) so you can get to know us before committing.
  • Office
    • Well located office with considerable parking and also a shopping centre with a Coles Supermarket, coffee shops and restaurants nearby.
    • Our office is very comfortable and tastefully fitted out for your comfort and aesthetic appeal.
    • Kiddies’ play areas in both the waiting room and my consulting room. 
  • Fees
    • Very affordable pregnancy care fee. Your ‘out of pocket’ obstetrician expenses will be kept the least possible.  ‘Quality care at an affordable price’ is our motto.
    • Convenient payment facilities. These include Medicare and health funds on-line, installment payment plans and electronic payment facilities (EFTPOS, Visa card, MasterCard and American Express).
    • “No gap” practices for health funds for your in-hospital delivery fee charged by us. Your health fund will be billed instead of you and we will be paid in full by your health fund (if you are entitled). Assuming you belong to a ‘no gap’ program health fund there will be no delivery fee /gap for you to pay for this account. 
  • Information and communication

I believe in providing you with the best quality and most easily accessed pregnancy information and communication channels.


Obstetric Excellence website. We are very frequently complemented on our website. Patients say it presents so well, is so informative and comprehensive and so easy to navigate.

As well as this there is more information with our other internet sites:

  • Facebook sites. We have two Facebook sites. We have both a friend’s Facebook site (DrGarySykes.Obstetrician) where patients are invited to be ‘friends’. A ‘fans’ site (ObstetricExcellence) which anybody can ‘like’. At the  friends site ‘DrGarySykes.Obstetrician’ there are lots of ‘proud parent’ photos, hospital photos, pregnancy ultrasound photos and personal photos. At the ‘ObstetricExcellence’ site there is lots of helpful information about pregnancy and pregnancy care.
  • Twitter site where there are comments and there is lots of helpful information about pregnancy and pregnancy care.
  • YouTube channel. Enjoy our video station and video clips
  • Flickr web site. Our Flickr site has photos given to us by our wonderful patients.
  • Instagram.Our Instagram site has photos given to us by our wonderful patients.


  • We have lots of communication options for our patients to contact us with any questions and concerns. We want to keep in touch with you in your pregnancy and help you to not have questions, fears and concerns.

Our communication options include:

  • phone
  • Website ‘contact us’ option
  • E-mail communication
  • Facebook messaging (both Facebook sites) VERY POPULAR
  • Google+ messaging
  • Twitter messaging
  • LinkedIn messaging
  • Staff

Our secretarial staff is extremely supportive, helpful and friendly. Our secretarial team consists of Emily, Kylee and Robyn.

  • Patient files

We are a ‘paperless’ office with all patient notes, records and reports entered into and stored on our secure computer system for efficiency, security and convenience. We utilise multiple secure backup storage strategies to protect your data long term.  Having a paperless office approach to your record keeping means if needed I can access your notes when I am at any location at any time.

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