How do I stay healthy during my pregnancy?

picture of 22 week pregnant womanPregnancy is an exciting time when you have new life (your baby) developing and growing in your uterus.

I am regularly asked “what can I do?”, “what can’t I do?”, “what can I eat?”, “what can’t I eat?” etc. A mother-to-be wants to look after her precious cargo in her own special incubator and do everything she can to have the best pregnancy outcome possible.

In the “Keeping Healthy” section I have information that will help you stay healthy in your pregnancy. I always endeavour to covey correct information and answers to questions in a way the mother-to-be can understand and be reassured. On this website I have endeavoured to do the same. But remember a web site can only convey general information and cannot be tailored to you and your situation. The web site is to reinforce information relayed in consultation with me (Dr Sykes) and not to be a substitute.

In the “Resources” section of the web site are links to other web sites with pregnancy care information. I have recommended these particular web sites as they come from reputable sources and they convey good information. That does not mean I necessarily agree with every opinion expressed or all information relayed on these other web sites. Please advise me of any confusion or conflicting information.

A mother-to-be can spend a lot of time in discussion with friends, in books and especially on the internet trying to get the right pregnancy care information. As well there are always the opinionated family members and friends who love to relay their own beliefs, theories and indeed even fears. The mother-to-be often becomes stressed and confused. Some information is totally incorrect and but said with such conviction. It usually comes from an unsubstantiated source with a particular bias. Also many mother-to-be can’t really filter a lot of information because of a lack of background knowledge in pregnancy care matters.

And remember you are pregnant – not sick. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. It is such a wonderful and amazing experience, it is such a special time in your life. Try not to let fears, doubts, confusion steal the pleasure of this awesome time from you.


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