How to Contact me (Dr Sykes)

Please feel free to contact me (Dr Sykes) during the course of your pregnancy if you have concerns or queries.

Rather than being confused and concerned about something, rather than asking others, rather than asking “Doctor Google” – ask me!   I want to know.

It may be a genuine pregnancy complication or just an uncertainty and you don’t know if what you are experiencing is normal for pregnancy. Also others will delight in giving you their advice, sharing their opinions about your pregnancy and telling you their own pregnancy horror stories. You are new to pregnancy. You are excited, nervous and uncertain. I have managed many thousands of pregnant women. So please share your concerns and questions with me and let me decide what is happening. I tell patients: “Don’t worry until I tell you to, and I will give you plenty of warning of when you need to start worrying. If I am not concerned you don’t need to be concerned!”

You can contact me:

By phone:

  • My office number is 02 9680 3004.
  • Through the Norwest Private Hospital Birth Unit tel: 02 888 28591.
  • Through the Sydney Adventist (San) Hospital Birthing Unit tel: 02 9487 9561.

By internet:

  • This web site – The contact us option on this web site
  • E-mail – E-mail to
  • Facebook – by becoming a Facebook friend and then private messaging me.
  • Twitter – Direct Twitter message
  • Google + – Direct Google + message
  • Linkedin – Direct Linkedin message

If you do have a concern about a serious pregnancy development (eg the baby not moving, significant bleeding, etc.) and irrespective of the time of day you need to immediately contact the Norwest Private Hospital Birth Unit (tel: 02 888 2859) or the San Hospital Labour Ward (tel: 02 9487 9561), depending on where you are booked.

The midwives at the hospital where you are booked will advise you what to do next and will also advise me of the situation. This is the safest option for you and your baby. Remember the midwives have had specialised training in pregnancy and childbirth, are highly skilled and are on duty 24 hours per day.

 You should contact the hospital midwives directly when:

  • You are or suspect you are in labour (or preterm labour).
  • You have or suspect you have ruptured membranes.
  • There is a significant reduction in your baby’s movements.
  • You have had a show.
  • You have other significant concerns out of office hours, even if it is the early hours of the morning.

 You contact me  if you have any of the following problems:How to Contant Dr Gary Sykes | Obstetric Excellence

  • Significant diarrhoea.
  • A show before you are due.
  • Any other vaginal bleeding.
  • Significant nausea or vomiting.
  • Any severe pain.
  • Severe headache.
  • Shivering.
  • Significant fever.
  • Infection concern.
  • You have a significant injury.
  • any other concerns or queries.