About Us

Having a baby is one of the most important times in a woman’s life.

“My goal for you as my patient is not only that you has a successful pregnancy outcome but also a very positive pregnancy and childbirth experience.”

I want you to be able to remember this time in very positive way and to say to me afterwards: “I am so pleased with how everything worked out in my pregnancy and childbirth experience”. “I am so pleased with your care of me”. Her doing this gives me so much joy and indicates to me that I have done a good job in her care.Dr Gary Sykes - Obstetric Excellence

So many patients want me included in photos that they take at the time of the birth of their baby. So many have forwarded to me wonderful photos, that give me so much joy. With their permission many of these photos are shared with you on the large plasma screen in the waiting room of my office, on our website gallery, on our Facebook page and on our Flickr site.

I tell patients three important words underpin my approach to their care. These words are information, communication and relationship.

  • Information. Detailed information is what the web site is all about. Patients tell me it is the most comprehensive obstetric website in Australia.

  • Communication. I want to be contacted by my patients about their questions and concerns, even if they seem trivial. By being aware I can allay patient anxiety and detect pregnancy problems earlier.

My patients can contact me in so many ways. These include the phone, the website ‘contact us‘ option, email, via the Obstetric Excellence Facebook page, and my Facebook page, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn messaging, and through the midwives at the Birth Suite at Norwest Private Hospital, or the Birthing Unit at the Sydney Adventist Hospital

I try to discuss and explain and answer questions in such a way (and avoiding medical terminology) that my patient fully understands any developments in her pregnancy. This helps reduce patient worrying. It also results in opportunity for management decisions to be made through mutual agreement.

I have personally managed over 10,000 pregnant women and so I am an extremely experienced obstetrician doctor. This gives a patient considerable comfort and reassurance. I am not phased by adverse developments and complications that may occur. I can enjoy looking after you and you can have confidence in my care.

I enjoy so much what I do as an obstetrician. I stay fresh by looking on each pregnancy and childbirth from the patient’s perspective and sharing in her and her husband/partner joy.Obstetric Excellence - Norwest Private Hospital

As well I am repeatedly overwhelmed by the miracle of life, pregnancy and childbirth. Conceiving, carrying and delivering a baby remain one of the life’s greatest miracles. While childbirth is a highly personal experience, it is one that is shared with others. It is a bodily event that is filled with joy and many physical mysteries. It is a delightful journey that ends with a welcome responsibility and the beginning of a brand new person. Having a baby is one of the most important events, and for some the most important event, in a woman’s life.

To celebrate the importance I put on this focus I created ‘Obstetric Excellence’. Obstetric Excellence says what I and my staff stand for. We endeavour to provide you with the best quality and most comprehensive range of obstetric services to safeguard you and your baby and in a friendly, personalised and caring atmosphere so you can optimise your enjoyment of this wonderful and rewarding time of your life.

My goal is to provide you with the best quality of pregnancy care possible. I aim to do this in a warm, friendly and caring environment with attention to your individual needs and requests. Obstetric Excellence is not just what we stand for, it is what we are committed to deliver.

Obstetric services at our practice are provided by me, Dr Gary Sykes. I am a fully accredited, Sydney based, specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, servicing Norwest Private Hospital, Bella Vista and the Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San), Wahroonga. My consulting rooms are well located in Norwest. Norwest is a subdivision of Baulkham Hills and is next to Castle Hill.

My web site is provided as a service to our wonderful patients.  The information provided is as an educational resource to be used in conjunction with consultations with me.

My secretaries are Mrs Kylee Knubben, Mrs Melissa Mitchell, my daughter Mrs EmilyObstetric Excellence - Norwest Private Hospital Fraser (on maternity leave) and my wife Mrs Robyn Sykes. Kylee is married and has two children. Melissa is married and has two children. Emily is married and recently had her first baby. One of my secretaries will be your initial contact person when you phone the office or come in for an appointment. They are responsible for supporting me in your care and will assist you with inquiries, appointments, hospital bookings, accounts, advice regarding Medicare and health fund rebates and more.

Kylee, Melissa, Emily and Robyn are dedicated to helping make sure that you receive the very best care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.