We want your pregnancy appointments with us to be as enjoyable as possible. There are a number of ways we can help to do this.

Obstetric Excellence - Norwest OfficeOffice location.

I relocated from Hornsby and opened my new office in Norwest Central in 2012. I chose to have an office in Norwest Central as the building:

  • is well located for both Norwest Hospital and the Sydney Adventist Hospital.
  • has more parking than other building in the area, and parking is free and without time restrictions.
  • is adjacent to the Norwest Marketown and some good restaurants, which you may wish to conveniently visit before or after your appointment.
  • has support medical services (ultrasound, radiology and pathology services) near-by.
  • had an office available which was a good size and once purchased could be fitted out with consideration of practice needs, including technology and patient comfort.
  • there is access to the office by lift as well as stairs and so is ‘pram friendly’.

Interior of Obstetric Excellence Norwest OfficeOffice fit-out

  • The office has been decorated and furnished with your comfort and aesthetic appeal in mind. My wife Robyn did the interior decorating. We get so many wonderful comments from patients about how pleasant and appealing the office is. Patients say the office doesn’t have that typical medical, cold clinical look.
  • There are children play areas in both the waiting room and my office.
  • There are female appealing recent glossy magazines, pleasant background music, etc.


We repeatedly get wonderful feedback about how friendly, helpful and supportive our secretarial staff are.

My secretaries are Mrs Kylee Knubben, Mrs Melissa Mitchell and Mrs Emily Fraser.

Appointments times

  • We are respectful of your time and always try to run to appointment time.
  • I get very upset if a patient has to wait a long time to see me for her scheduled appointment.
  • If I am called away (such as for a delivery) then my staff will endeavour to contact you if you are likely to be inconvenienced, so your appointment can be rearranged
  • We are very accommodating with our times.

FREE ‘MEET and GREET’ appointment

The purpose of this appointment is so you can meet us without you needing a referral from your doctor or and without you being charged a consultation fee. You can get to know us and we can get to know you and your pregnancy expectations. We can discuss an overview of your anticipated pregnancy care and any special considerations and requests you may have in this regard. We can discuss anticipated fees and payment options.

If you would like to book a “meet and greet” appointment with us please give a call on 9680 3004. There is no referral needed and there will be no charge for this visit.

Learn more about your first antenatal visit, and your subsequent visits. I look forward to taking your pregnancy journey with you.