Sadly, there are now more COVID -19 infections in NSW. These are community spread cases and so pose a risk to the general community.COVID-19 Safe

It is reported the origins of the outbreak are in Melbourne. It is reported this has happened because of gross quarantine mismanagement of newly arrived people from overseas while in hotel quarantine in Melbourne. I am confident had there been appropriate hotel quarantine management we would not have the current problem.

It is reported that the original outbreak in NSW was at the Crossroads Hotel, Casula originating with a person who travelled from Melbourne. It has spread from there.

NSW will get on top of this outbreak.  But until then you need to be very careful and diligent to minimise the risk of being infected and spreading the infection.

To protect yourself and your unborn baby I strongly advise that you, your husband /partner, your family and anyone with whom you have close contact limit you travel to essential and limit your interaction with other people.

I suggest…

  • You do not dine out. Do not visit pubs, clubs, bars, or restaurants until this outbreak is brought under control.
  • Avoid gyms as they a placed where younger people go (who are more likely to be COVID positive). As well. there is be ‘heavier breathing’ with workouts that will result in the spread of the virus a greater distance than usual. Also attention to appropriate equipment cleaning in some gyms will be suboptimal.COVID-19 Safety - Crowds
  • Avoid anywhere there is a concentration of people and the likelihood of little attention to social distancing.
  • Limit you visits to shopping centres to buying household essentials and try to go at times when the shopping centre has less people.
  • Do not go on day trips, holidays, short breaks. Look what has happened at Bateman’s Bay.
  • You and your family avoid anyone who is unwell. This includes your children mixing with other children.
  • Try to avoid public transport in peak hours.
  • Try to socially distance when out and about.
  • Use hand sanitisers regularly.

At the office…

  • You, your husband /partner, and your children can attend if you are all well.
  • If you are unwell you cannot attend. Phone the office and reschedule for a time when you are well. Have a COVID swab check before attending. Even if the COVID check is negative you cannot attend until you are well.
  • Other members of your family and your friends cannot attend.

At the hospital…

  • Norwest. Your husband /partner can stay with you and can come and go. Your children can visit for up to 30 minutes in a singe day. No other visitors permitted.
  • San. Your husband /partner can stay with you and can come and go. Your children cannot visit.  No other visitors permitted.

The current situation is a greater risk than the original peak of infections. That is because it is now community spread and no longer due to people arriving from overseas. The mismanagement of the Ruby Princess cruise ship resulted in passengers who were COVID positive entering the general community. But demographics of these passengers was they they were mostly elderly who were unlikely to socialise very much. But now COVID is generally being spread by a younger demographics of people who regularly visit pubs, clubs and bars and who dine out more and are less likely to socially distance or worry about coronavirus.

My wife and I will be not dining out or socialising out and we will be limiting our interaction with other people as much as possible.

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