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Will the grieving stop?

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Will The Grieving Stop?

A patient sent me a Facebook message the other day. Her son had tragically died in utero at 37 weeks gestation 7 years ago. After delivery, the cause for his death was very apparent. The umbilical cord was tightly tied around his neck twice. There was so much congestion his head and pallor of his body. […]


Grieving after a miscarriage

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In a health topics Q & A website where I was invited to be a health expert I was asked the question: “How do you recover from a miscarriage? My family thinks I should “be over” my miscarriage by now, but I’m still grieving. Is this normal?” This is a very relevant question and so I […]


Coping with grief

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It was 4.00pm Monday afternoon. I was in consultation with a gynaecology patient in my office when my mobile phone rang. It was a call from the Birth Unit midwife. A patient who was 32 weeks pregnant was attending a routine antenatal class at the hospital and mentioned to the midwife doing the class that […]