Dad During The Pregnancy

You are a very important person

During pregnancy the mother of your baby is likely to be more tired, uncomfortable and emotional than usual. In early pregnancy she often has nausea and sometimes vomiting. In the latter pregnancy she has heaviness and bodily discomfort, poor sleep, etc.

She will be thinking about what is ahead – the pain of labour, the delivery and afterwards being a new mum. This can cause her considerable emotional stress.

She is likely to be absent-minded, forgetful, behave often irrationally, cry easily and unexpectedly, struggle coping with everything.

Second and subsequent pregnancies are likely to be associated with more nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy and more discomfort in later pregnancy. There will be more tiredness especially if she is working. The mother of your baby is a mum to your child(ren), your wife, a housewife, and struggling to get to work each day and perform well at work.

She will not only experience changes in her shape but also in her skin and hair and may feel less attractive.

She needs  lots of love, support, attention and understanding. accept her as she is and don’t be judgemental. Try to take as much ‘off her plate’ as possible and do a greater share of household and parental duties.

Complement her. Give her lots of hugs. Give her lots of attention, encouragement. Tell her she is beautiful and how much you love her. Make her feel beautiful and so special. Your opinion is the one that matters the most.

Surprise her with fresh flowers or a special gift from time to time. Practice ‘spontaneous jestures of love’. Date your wife. Take her out for a romantic dinner or away on a romantic weekend. Arrange a baby sitter if you have other children, so it is just the two of you.

Her libido may be less during the pregnancy. Don’t worry it is usually only temporary! See also Sexual Intercourse in pregnancy in the Questions and Answers section.

Attend the antenatal classes with your wife/partner and learn how to support her in childbirth.

Also if would be good if you could attend at least one antenatal visit with her. This is so you can get to know me, and I you. Also if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to raise them.

Dads During Pregnancy

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