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Our goal is to keep our billing system simple and our services affordable

By keeping our billing system simple, it is easier for you to understand our fees, and for you to financially plan and budget for your pregnancy care. As well, it is much more convenient and much more efficient for you and for my staff.

I am conscious that money is tight for many people and so I have tried to keep the ‘out of pocket’ expense for the obstetrician fees of pregnancy care to a level that we believe is affordable for most patients and yet is viable so there is enough medical practice income to pay the considerable medical practice overheads.

How much you are ‘out of pocket’ doesn’t vary

Irrespective of how complicated your pregnancy is, your delivery is, your postnatal period is, or how many antenatal or postnatal visits you need, the amount you are ‘out of pocket’ for Dr Sykes’ care will not change.

As the ‘out of pocket’ cost for Dr Sykes’ care does not vary it is easier for you to plan and budget for your pregnancy care.

You will only have a gap payment to make for your initial antenatal visit and your pregnancy management fee.

You will be ‘bulk-billed’ for all subsequent antenatal visits and for your postnatal visit.

There is be no billing for our 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning of your baby each visit. There is no gap to pay for our fee for your delivery (including if complicated and including if needing an operative vaginal delivery or Caesarean section and including twins), your in-hospital postnatal care, any postnatal complications, your six-weeks postnatal visit and any other outpatient postnatal visits that may be needed. As well we will give you a free gift of a USB to store your baby ultrasound photos.

Please phone our office on 02 9680 3004 for more information on fees.

Fees will also be discussed in detail at your first antenatal visit and at a ‘meet and greet’ appointment.

If you are not in a health fund, but are covered by Medicare, or if you don’t have Medicare (e.g. an overseas visitor), we can still offer you an affordable package for Dr Sykes’ services. Just phone us on 02 9680 3004 for details. Also see How much will it cost if I am not in a health fund?

Swaddle program

The San with HCF have introduced a ‘no gap’ obstetric package (called Swaddle – San Baby Bundle Maternity Package). For patients enrolled in this program there will be no ‘out of pocket’ or gap payments for the hospital (except your HCF policy excess if applicable), doctors services (including for me, anaesthetist (if needed), paediatrician, surgical assistant (if Caesarean section)), for pathology services (if done through Douglass Hanly Moir, except NIPT), for pregnancy ultrasounds (if done at San Ultrasound for Women or another Ultrasound Care office). See https://www.sah.org.au/san-swaddle

You can take advantage of the package as long as you are with HCF and have booked for confinement at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga.

Occasionally a patient will need the services of a colleague of another medical specialty or have a procedure not covered by the package, for which there will be a gap payment.

Swaddle San Baby Bundle

There is minimal patient inconvenience with fee payment

We claim directly from Medicare or your health fund or the Sydney Adventist Hospital (if you are in their Swaddle program) for payment of invoices for which there is no gap payment.

If there is a gap payment for you to make (the initial antenatal visit and the pregnancy management fee) you can make this gap payment in cash, by cheque, through EPTPOS, or using a Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card.

Free “Meet and Greet” Appointment

We are happy to give you more information about fees and their payment over the phone. Otherwise, another very popular option is to have a free ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment.

The purpose of this visit is so you can meet us without you needing a referral from your doctor and without you being charged a consultation fee. You will not only have fees and payment explained to you in detail but also you can get to know us and we can get to know you and your pregnancy expectations. We can discuss an overview of your anticipated pregnancy care and any special considerations and requests you may have in this regard. We can discuss anticipated fees and payment options.

If you would like to book a “Meet and Greet” appointment with us please give a call. There is no referral needed and there will be no charge for this visit.

Other fees

When having your baby there will be accounts also from the hospital, other doctors who may be involved in your care (such as paediatrician, anaesthetist, surgical assistant – if required) and pathology services. There is more information about is in the article How much will it Cost?

Charges by other doctors don’t qualify for the “no gap” arrangement with your health fund. If these doctor charges are incurred while “in hospital”, you are entitled to part reimbursement through both Medicare and your health fund. Your health fund will pay for all or part of your hospital bill, depending on your level of cover. Medicare does not contribute payment towards your hospital bill.

We request our preferred pathologist, Douglass Hanly Moir ‘bulk-bills’ you for pathology services that are entitled to a Medicare rebate. You will need to pay if you have a NIPT screening test as there is no Medicare rebate for this test. 


Pregnancy care management fee

Pregnancy care management fee

From time to time patients ask why they need to pay the management fee when they pay for each antenatal visit.

The Medicare management fee item number was by the Federal Government when the Government realised many obstetricians did not make enough income from antenatal visits and delivery to cover the high overheads of running an obstetric medical practice.

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