It is essential I have the support of other people in making my busy obstetric practice successful and providing patients with quality, caring pregnancy care.

In this post I would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful people who have supported me.

Secretarial staff…Obstetric Excellence - Secretarial Staff

  • Kylee Knubben (senior secretary) who has been with me for many years. Kylee is very conscientious, hardworking, and a wonderful person.
  • Julie (Jewels) Woolley who has recently joined the team and is replacing Melissa Mitchell. She is a lovely person who will go a great job as practice secretary.
  • Melissa Mitchell who resigned at the end of the 2020 year. Mel decided she wanted full time employment now her children have finished school. That was something I could not provide as all my secretaries work part time. I thank Mel for her support and hard work and wish her well in her new job.
  • Emily Fraser, my daughter. Emily was practice secretary until she went on maternity leave. She has again stepped up as practice secretary after Mel left and while Jewels is being trained for her job. I am enormously thankful to Emily for this and proud of my daughter for being an excellent practice secretary. Emily will subsequently be available to work in the practice when needed.
  • Marrit Janabi who joined the team this year and is mostly on the Saturday morning secretary roster. Marrit has been doing a great job and her help and support is greatly appreciated.

Other medical practice support people…Obstetric Excellence - Medical Support People

  • Robyn, my wife. I met and started dating Robyn when I was in high school. We married when I was a medical student. Robyn has been a constant encourager, as well as being a wonderful wife. She has had various roles in my medical practice over the years. Currently Robyn is Practice Manager; a role which includes paying all the bills, wages and supporting me in the smooth running of the office.
  • Denise Oosterhoff, who has been my bookkeeper for many years. Denise works together with my accountant and his team in the financial management of my medical practice. Denise also works out staff wages and their superannuation entitlements. She continues to amaze Robyn and myself with her excellent work, as well she is wonderful person.
  • Stuart Chan who has been my accountant for many years. Stuart and his team at Cutcher and Neale have provided all-important financial support and expertise in the running of my business. Stuart’s a wonderful caring person as well as being a fabulous accountant.
  • Luke Beeton and his team at Sailor Studio. Luke has built and maintains my Obstetric Excellence website. His team expertly manages SEO and do many posts on my Obstetric Excellence Facebook site. I am so indebted to Luke and his team for what they have done and continue to do. As well Luke is a fabulous caring person.
  • Peter Lai and his team at Carbonelle Consulting. Peter and his team have provided me with excellent computer hardware, software, and IT support for many years. Such support is essential in the running of my medical practice. I am very grateful to Peter and his team. As well Peter is a fabulous caring person.

Hospital staff

  • It is not possible to manage patients when in labour and as hospital in-patients and without the support of midwives. In the operating theatre, theatre staff are needed for Caesarean sections and other operations. I am blessed to have such wonderful midwives, theatre staff and other hospital staff supporting me in patient care at both hospitals.

Professional support

I am so grateful for the support of other doctors including other obstetricians, anaesthetists, paediatricians, endocrinologists, pregnancy ultrasound scan specialists and their sonographers, other specialists, surgical assistants (RN and doctor) and others. Thank you all so much.

Many more

  • There are many other trusted and reliable people who we call on for help when there is need. These include staff of RANZCOG and the AMA, trades people, other IT people and many more.

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