Coughs and Colds in Pregnancy

I have a cold!

coughs and colds in pregnancy

Coughs and colds are more likely in pregnancy if you are run down, overstressed, doing too much and in some professions.

What can be done?

Minimise risk factors. Avoid contact with people who are infected.

If you do get a cold, you can take paracetamol, throat lozenges, increase your fluids and rest.

You can take “over the counter” medications in moderation to relieve your symptoms, except if they contain herbs. Increasing your Vitamin C intake to 2gms per day while you have the cold can help.

If there is increasing chest congestion or you have coloured mucous then antibiotic treatment may be necessary. Consult your general practitioner and take the full course of prescribed medication. Please also let me know.

Prolonged high temperature is potentially dangerous for your baby. Avoid this by taking paracetamol and have frequent showers

It is considered, by the Australian Government, safe to have the flu vaccine while pregnant.

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