Baby problems

Baby video

  • Live videoing of your baby in the crib so others can see your baby remote (including from overseas). Only available at Norwest Private Hospital.


  • Baby Love by Robin Barker
  • HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan
  • The Everything Pregnancy Book 3rd edition by Paula Ford-Martin
  • Your Developing Baby, Conception to Birth by Drs Peter Doubilet and Carol Benson
  • Your Pregnancy Bible by Dr Anne Deans
  • Your Pregnancy by Prof Lester Regan
  • 75,000 Baby names for the 21st Century by Lori Cooper
  • Baby Names for Australians by Anne Matthews

Breast feeding


  • Minimising perineal trauma with childbirth – EPI-NO


Conceiving difficulties

Expected date of confinement (EDC) calculator

Exercise on pregnancy


General – from governments and medical sources

General – from other sources

Health fund comparison

  • is an unbias Australian Government initiative managed by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman.


Immunisation and infections


Maternity supplies

  • Maternity support belts and maternity support bands at New Beginnings
  • Belly support band brand called Fertile Mind and their belly support band is called a Bando. It is available at Baby Kingdom, My Baby Warehouse and Babies Galore.
  • Support tights to help with vulval varicosities at
  • Large breasts. Maternity bras for women with large breasts can be found at

Medications safety in pregnancy

Postnatal depression

Pregnancy support services

Travel information

Twins support