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How Are We Different?

While childbirth is a highly personal experience, it is one that is shared with others. It is a bodily event that is filled with joy and many physical mysteries. It is a delightful journey that ends with a welcome responsibility and the beginning of a brand new person.

Professional, Personalised & Friendly Care

Professional, personalised and friendly care

4D Ultrasound Scanning

4D ultrasound scanning of your baby at every antenatal visit

Accommodating Personal Requests

We want to know, understand and accommodate your personal childbirth requests

Easily Accessed Pregnancy Information

Easily accessed pregnancy information and communication channels

Dr Gary Sykes

Dr Gary Sykes

I am a fully accredited, Sydney-based, specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, servicing Norwest Private Hospital, Bella Vista, and the Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San), Wahroonga. My consulting rooms are well located in Norwest.

My goal is to provide you with the best quality of pregnancy care possible. I aim to do this in a warm, friendly and caring environment with attention to your individual needs and requests. ‘Information, communication and relationship’ are the words that summarise the endeavours of my management of you. I want you to enjoy your pregnancy and childbirth experience, as it is one of the most important times in your life.

I have personally managed over 10,000 pregnancies, and so I am an extremely experienced obstetrician.

While I hope you have a very uneventful pregnancy and childbirth journey, it is impossible to know whether this will be the case. Rest assured I am well skilled to successfully manage you and your baby if there are any pregnancy or childbirth complications. I will endeavour to always give you the greatest excellence in all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth care possible.

Your Pregnancy Journey

Having a baby is one of the most important things you will ever do. It is such a special time in your life. I consider it an honour and a privilege to be able to look after you on this exciting journey.

I try to focus on your pregnancy from your perspective –your joy and the excitement and pleasure it will bring to you and your husband/partner. Knowing I have contributed to you having a pleasurable and successful pregnancy, and wonderful childbirth experience and celebrating with you and your husband/partner over the birth of your new baby gives me real joy and a great buzz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery fee and the no gap program

Dr Sykes is a ‘no gap’ doctor for your delivery. That means you will not have to make any gap payment to Dr Sykes for your delivery charge. Dr Sykes will invoice your health fund directly and accept their payment as total payment for delivery and inpatient postnatal...

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Planning your Pregnancy

I am planning to have a baby soon. What should I know that will help me have a good pregnancy and successful outcome? Have good diet Endeavour to be in optimal nutritional health before you conceive. It is common for pregnant women to become depleted of nutrients as a...

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Seat Belt when in the Car

Do I need to wear a seat belt when in the car in pregnancy? It is safer for you and your baby and it is the law when traveling in a car. This applies to both front and back seats. You can only travel without wearing a seat belt if you have a legitimate medical reason...

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Sex Determination

How can I determine the sex of my baby? With conception While there are many ideas and anecdotal stories in actuality there is no reliable way of making sure your baby is going to be of a particular sex when planning your pregnancy. No approach such as what you eat or...

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Travel in Pregnancy

When is it good to travel? The best time to travel is when you are between 20th to 32nd weeks of your pregnancy. At this time of your pregnancy, you should out the other end of all the initial pregnancy concerns with miscarriage, nausea, etc and have completed all the...

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Circumcision of a male is the surgical procedure where the foreskin of the penis is removed which can be done as a baby or an adult.   Why is a newborn baby circumcision done? As a newborn it is done for religious reasons and social reasons. The most popular...

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Protecting your new baby from infection

Recently after church, I was chatting with a new mum whose baby daughter I had delivered eight days earlier and I was very pleased to see she had her baby in a protective sling. Not only was this very convenient for her and took up minimal space in the car (c.f. a...

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What if my baby delivers prematurely?

7.7% of babies in Australia born in 2012 were preterm with most being late preterm births (34 weeks gestation on)1. This Australian Government report states ‘a small proportion of mothers gave birth at 20–27 weeks (0.8%) and 28–31 weeks (0.7%), while 6.2% gave birth...

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I want to breastfeed my baby Breastfeeding is feeding your newborn with milk directly from your breasts and not from a baby bottle or other container. Babies have a sucking reflex that  enables them to suck and swallow milk. Most mothers can nourish their newborn...

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Latest Blog Posts

From tragedy to triumph

From tragedy to triumph

When I first met Lauren, my heart went out to her because of her tragic pregnancy history. With her first she miscarried at 9 weeks She lost her second baby at 17 weeks. A boy. She presented to hospital with ruptured membranes. In view of the presentation, she agreed...

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