Baby’s Movements

When should I be aware of my baby moving?

You will become aware of your baby moving between 16 – 22 weeks of pregnancy.

You will usually be aware sooner in your second and subsequent compared to your first ongoing pregnancy.

Baby Movement During Pregnancy | Obstetric Excellence

If you have an anterior placenta you are likely to feel movement later than would otherwise be the case as the placenta cushions your awareness.

It is usual for there to be at least 10 movements in 12 hours after about 26 weeks pregnancy

Awareness of your baby’s movements will vary considerably from one baby to another.

If you have twins you may feel one twin is more active that the other. This will often correlate with which twin will be the more active or placid after birth.

In the latter weeks of pregnancy what were kicks become more rolling foetal movements. This is because the baby has less space in your uterus.

Occasionally babies have hiccups. This is characterised by a rhythmic set of movements that can recur.

What do I do if my baby is unusually quiet?

If inspite of your resting and consciously thinking about your baby’s activity your baby is unusually quiet, or if you notice a marked reduction in your baby’s movements, then please inform me or the Labour Ward / Birth Unit as soon as possible. You will be asked to attend so your baby’s well being can be checked by a cardiotocogram (baby’s heart rate monitor).

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