Belly Ring in Pregnancy

Do I have to remove my belly ring now that I am pregnant?

The answer is no. But don’t be surprised if you choose to remove it as your pregnancy advances.

Wearing a Belly Ring During PregnancyThis can be because:

  • With abdominal wall stretching in advanced pregnancy your ring can become very uncomfortable. This may be more so with some styles of ring and with certain clothing.
  • With the abdominal wall stretching and with a more “outie” belly button (common in pregnancy) there can be thinning of the overlying skin and the risk the ring will pull through. This was the concern of the lady in the photo who was about to remove hers.
  • There can be bad scarring of the overlying skin which is permanent and persists after you have eventually roomed your ring. This is more likely to occur if you leave the ring in.

And sometimes all is well – there is no discomfort, no thinning of the skin and no excess scarring.

If you do take it out it should be easy to put back in afterwards. If the hole closes over you will need some professional help.

There are soft pregnancy ring replacements you can insert while pregnant.

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