Dad During The Pregnancy – What Is Your Role?

What is my role in the pregnancy?

You are a very important person! dad during pregnancy

During pregnancy the mother of your baby is likely to be more tired, uncomfortable and emotional than usual.

She will not only experience changes in her shape but also in her skin and hair and may feel less attractive.

You can give her the extra support, attention, understanding, encouragement and love that she needs.

Make her feel beautiful and special. Tell her how attractive she looks. Complement her outfits. Help more around the house. Take her out to dinner. Flowers are a good idea! Take her on a surprise romantic weekend away. Arrange a baby sitter if you have children.

It is a good idea if you can attend the antenatal classes so you can support your wife/partner in the classes and can learn how to support her in childbirth.

Also it would be good if you could attend at least one antenatal visit with me with your wife/partner. You can get to know me, and I get to know you. Also you can ask any questions you have and discuss any concerns you may have. We have Saturday morning antenatal appointments to make it easier for you to attend with your wife / partner.

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