Why do I get dizzy?

Dizziness and Fainting in PregnancyDizziness in pregnancy is common. Some pregnant women are more prone to it than others. The most common cause is called postural hypotension, which is a gravity-induced drop in blood flow to the brain.

Postural hypotension is more likely in advanced pregnancy and can occur if you get up too quickly from a lying or sitting position or standing still for a long time.

Such dizziness can also occur if you are in a confined space, overexercise, or your blood sugar is low.

Some women experience feeling faint in advanced pregnancy when lying on her back. In this context, it is due to compression of major blood vessels in your back called the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava by the pregnant uterus when a pregnant woman lies on her back.

In extreme cases, dizziness will lead to fainting.

What can be done?

If this is a problem try to avoid triggers, e.g. get up more slowly, avoid confined hot spaces, limit exercise, eat regularly, correct anaemia, etc.

If you feel dizziness coming on then immediately lie down or at least sit-down, no matter where you are. It is better to do this than faint and fall over. The danger is not in the dizziness or even in the fainting but in that you can hurt yourself if you fall over!

If it is when lying on your back, then avoid this position and lie on your side instead.

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