Size – I look too Big or I look too Small

“I look too big” or “I look too small”.

Comments from others about inappropriate size for dates can cause much concern. The first thing to do is to establish whether or not others opinions are correct. This can be done by me through abdominal palpation, tape measure estimate of fundal height and an ultrasound scan.

If you have twins you will be larger than if a singleton pregnancy. size in pregnancy

If the baby is appropriate size then variation in appearance can be due to abdominal distension factors (see above), your height (shorter women tend to look larger and taller look smaller), your weight (slight women tend to look larger and larger women look smaller) and how you are carrying you baby.

What can be done?

Once I have confirmed your uterine size is appropriate then nothing, but be reassured all is well.

If your baby’s size is confirmed as inappropriate for your dates then the possible reasons will be discussed with you by me and management action will be taken as indicated and appropriate for you.

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