Stabbing Pains in my Pelvis

I have stabbing pains in my pelvis. Is that ok?Stabbing Pains in my Pelvis

Usually the answer is yes but you should bring it to my attention to check.

It is more common in advanced pregnancy and especially if your baby’s head is engaged in your pelvis, if you have had an advanced pregnancy and especially vaginal birth before, or if you have a large baby on board.

It can be due to the pressure of your baby’s head in your pelvis. It can happen without your baby’s head being engaged and due to tension on pelvic ligaments that have been stretched from your previous pregnancies.

What can be done about it?

  • Let me know so I can determine all is normal
  • Rest as much as possible. Try to minimise heavy housework, walking and lifting any toddler you may have
  • Sometimes wearing a Velcro belt when up and about can help as it will give you extra support
  • If it is due to your baby’s head being low in your pelvis then hopefully you will cure yourself soon by going into labour!
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