This externally sourced scan will occasionally be requested help verify your baby’s:

  • Growth and Wellbeing ScanSize – Your baby’s estimated weight especially if I find it significantly outside the normal range.
  • Wellbeing (biophysical profile) – Whether or not there are signs of your baby’s well being is compromised by lack of oxygen and so labour will be more dangerous for your baby.
  • Abnormalities – Your baby will be rechecked for abnormalities and any previously noted abnormal findings will be checked again.

This scan will also help verify the:

  • Placental site – whether it is too low (covering the cervix) or morbidly adherent to the uterine wall (called “placenta accreta”) which is more common after a previous Caesarean section delivery.
  • Amniotic fluid volume – Too much and too little liquor both have implications for delivery and also raises the need for further checking to try to establish why.
  • Uterine wall – Thickness and defects of the uterine wall. This is especially important where there has been previous uterine surgery such as a Caesarean section.
  • Cervix. Whether already open and shortening or long and closed.

What are the implications of a concerning scan report?

A concerning scan result has implications for the timing and the mode of delivery. I will discuss this with you in detail and we can plan together the best approach to delivery.

What are the implications of a good scan report?

This is very reassuring and implies all should go well with your planned vaginal birth or your planned Caesarean section birth.

While there are though all the uncertainties of labour, be reassured your baby appears to be in good condition at the outset should the unexpected occur.

A good scan implies less risk with a planned Caesarean section birth.

Why get this scan at the San Ultrasound for women or the Hills Women’s Ultrasound?

A good scan done by using a state of art ultrasound machine with a highly trained women’s sonographer and reported by an obstetrician doctor who has subspecialised in women’s ultrasound scans is much more accurate than abdominal palpation than me doing a scan in my rooms or you having a scan through a radiologist practice. While the charge will be more the accuracy is likely to be far greater.

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