Contraception After Pregnancy

Don’t assume you will not get pregnant until you start menstruating. You will ovulate two weeks before your first period. So, with unprotected sex after delivery, you can go from ‘no period’ because you are breastfeeding to ‘no period’ because you are pregnant and not realise you are pregnant until well into the first trimester. You need to use contraception from the time you have sex unless you want another pregnancy soon.

Breastfeeding will give some protection, especially while you are fully breastfeeding. Breastfeeding should not be relied on exclusively, as unplanned pregnancies do occur while breastfeeding.

While breastfeeding we don’t prescribe the combined oral contraceptive pill. This is because the combined oral contraceptive pill can result in suppression of milk supply. So if you were on the pill before you fell pregnant you will need to choose an alternative while breastfeeding. If you are not breastfeeding this is not an issue.

Contraceptive options while breastfeeding include the mini-pill (pregesterone-only pill), the Mirena IUCD, Implanon rod, DepoProvera injections, NuvoRing, condoms and the diaphragm. Withdrawal is not recommended as it is too unreliable. Timing of intercourse around your menstrual cycle and cervical mucous changes can only be started once you start menstruating.

Contraceptive options will be discussed in detail at your postnatal visit. I will then be able to assist you in choosing the contraceptive option which is in accord with your wishes and which is suitable for you.

If you have contraceptive needs prior to your six-week postnatal visit please let me know.

Contraception After Pregnancy - Microlut
Contraception After Pregnancy - Mirena

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