Breast Changes in Pregnancy

My breasts look different now that I am pregnant.

A woman’s breasts experience a number of changes in pregnancy. These include:

  • Breast fullness from the time of conception.
  • Breast heaviness which becomes more marked especially in advanced pregnancy.
  • Breast tenderness and hypersensitivity. This is often especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. This is sometimes the first sign a woman is pregnant.
  • Areola (the pigmented skin around the nipples) usually enlarges and darkens in colour.
  • Areola area often has raised bumps which are small glands on the surface of the areola called Montgomery’s tubercles.
  • Nipples often stick out more, except if a woman’s nipples are inverted.
  • Veins on the breasts can become more prominent
  • Stretch marks on the breasts can be appear or get worst.
  • Colostrum which is a yellowish, thick substance can start leaking from your nipples. This usually commences in advanced pregnancy though for some women will have it from mid pregnancy. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until after delivery.

What can be done?

breast changes in pregnancy

These breast changes are physiological and due to hormone changes in pregnancy. They are normal.

Because of increased breast size and tenderness you should get new well fitting pregnancy bras, which give you adequate support. You will need to do this in early pregnancy if your breasts are large pre-pregnancy. This will give you extra support and make you feel more comfortable.

Colostrum production is a normal physiological occurrence. When colostrum production starts has no bearing on how you will go with breast feeding. You will simply need to using a nursing pad in your bra if you are making colostrum.

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