Why do I look bigger than my weeks?

Looking Too Big During PregnancyLooking too big for your weeks of pregnancy is more common in pregnancies subsequent to the first ongoing. Looking too big can mean you are showing sooner and friends making the comment that you look more advanced in your pregnancy than is the case.

Looking too big is often due to laxity of abdominal wall muscles. This may be because of the first pregnancy stretching. It is also due to gaseous distension of bowel.

In the first pregnancy, it will occur in some women for the same reasons. Some women unfortunately have poor abdominal wall tone before they are pregnant, and so will have more abdominal distension in their first pregnancy than others.

Looking too big is worse towards the end of the day, and it is much less likely first thing in the morning.


What can be done?

There is not much you can do. You can’t improve the abdominal wall tone in pregnancy. Abdominal wall strengthening exercises, while an excellent idea before you are pregnant and after you are pregnant, will not help and are not recommended in pregnancy.

If you adjust your diet then this may help minimise gaseous distension of your bowel. Try to avoid talking or drinking while eating. Avoid carbonated drinks. Have a higher protein and high roughage diet and drink plenty of water. Go for plenty of walks. All this will be of limited value though.

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