Exercise in PregnancyWalking is an excellent idea. As well, antenatal exercise classes are available through the hospital and privately. You can inquire about the hospital classes when you book. See also in link section exercise in pregnancy.

Normally I am not concerned about you working during the pregnancy. If you are coping then there is usually no reason why you cannot work as long as you wish. You have to accept though that your exercise tolerance level will decrease and tiredness increase as the pregnancy advances and you may be more emotionally labile.

There may be some special considerations that mean restrictions on either activity or work. Also your employer may insist on you stopping work at a certain stage of the pregnancy as a matter of company or government department policy.

Sport and gym
Gym attendance. If you are already attending a gym regularly then keep going. Let your trainer know that you are pregnant, Your exercise regime will need to be adjusted and don’t expect to perform as well as you did pre-pregnancy. You can attend aqua aerobics sessions. If you are a trainer, an aerobics teacher, etc then you can usually keep working while pregnant, though with consideration of the pregnancy on your performance.

Usually non-contact sport that is not dangerous is ok participate in while pregnant. You will find your performance in sport while pregnant not as good as otherwise. You will have more fatigue, more shortness of breath, often be more clumsy, more dizziness and with changes in your centre of gravity be more prone to falling over. All this will mean you more injury prone. As well injury in pregnancy has more implications. Not only can serious injury threaten the well being of your baby but investigations and treatment options can be suboptimal because of your pregnancy.

Contact sport carries extra risk as you are more likely to sustain an injury in contact sport.

If you participate in team sport especially at competition level pregnancy has implications. You may let the team down because of pregnancy related underperformance. As well you team members may not play as usual as they are trying to protect you from injury and if the opposing team know they may also not perform as usual as they don’t want you to sustain an injury.

Sexual intercourse
There are usually no restrictions on sexual intercourse during the pregnancy. See also Sexual Intercourse in Pregnancy in the Questions and Answers section of this web site

When is it a “no” to exercise, sport, work and sex in pregnancy?
Sometimes there are pregnancy complications such that exercise, sports activities, sexually intercourse and work are to be avoided, at least for a period of time.

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