If you live in a suburb where there are COVID cases then you must have a COVID swab within 3 days of your next antenatal visit and forward to us the negative result.

COVID Negative Text MessageIf you have any cold or flu like symptoms then you must have a COVID swab before your next antenatal visit and forward to us the negative result.

If your husband /partner plans to attend then the same COVID precautions are needed for your husband/ partner.

If the COVID result is positive then you will need to self-isolate for two weeks. Please advise so we can reschedule your next appointment.

I know of two doctors who have had to close their rooms and self-isolate for two weeks as each had a patient attend who unknowingly was COVID positive. In both cases the doctors are well and had been fully vaccinated.

If you or your husband/partner  were unknowingly COVID positive and did attend the implications for other patients are huge. It would result in me being told to self-isolate for two weeks. Two weeks  of appointments would have to be rearranged, I would unavailable for patients’ problems, and I would have to arrange for colleagues to do confinements.COVID-19 Test Swab

I am fully vaccinated. Julie is fully vaccinated. Kylee has her second COVID vaccination shot in 3 weeks.

As I am fully vaccinated there is 95% chance I would not get COVID. If I  did it would be a very mild infection that would not cause me to be sick or need hospitalisation. As well,  if I was infected (post vaccination) I would have a low viral load and so have a low risk of infecting others. But the Department of Health ignore these facts when they make the rule and treat every contact the same whether vaccinated or not. So, I would still need to self-isolate if a patient or her husband/partner attended, and they were COVID positive.

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