Newly pregnancy multiparous patients sometimes ask me: “Can I still breastfeed while I am pregnant?”

For many women breastfeeding gives them great joy, as well as being a healthy source of nutrition for their infant.

The simple answer is: “Yes.” A women can continue to breastfeed while she is pregnant.

There are some considerations…

  • Pregnancy hormones can affect milk supply and composition, which might lead to a decrease in milk production or a change in taste, potentially affecting your infant’s willingness to nurse.
  • Pregnancy places additional nutritional and energy demands on the mother’s body. Breastfeeding during pregnancy can exacerbate these demands, potentially leading to nutrient depletion and fatigue. So, make sure your nutritional intake is optimal to cope with this. Any try to get as much rest as possible.
  • Some women experience discomfort during breastfeeding while pregnant, due to hormonal changes, increased sensitivity, or other factors. This discomfort can vary widely among individuals.
  • It’s important to prioritise your own health during pregnancy. So, if breastfeeding causes you significant discomfort or health concerns, it may be advisable to wean your infant or reduce breastfeeding frequency.

While some women continue breastfeeding throughout the whole pregnancy, I personally consider it is good to wean your infant before the pregnancy ends, as it is not a good idea to start a newborn baby on established breast milk. It is good for your baby to experience colostrum and then breast milk. A woman has been designed for this process. Certainly, a woman can continue to breastfeed throughout most of the pregnancy. There is no reason why a woman can not resume breastfeeding her infant (as well as her baby) once her milk has come in (called “tandum feeding”).

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